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PyTorch Code for Simple Neural Networks for MNIST Dataset

NS2 Visual trace analyzer

A Visual trace analyzer is been developed by Mr. Fernando and you can download freely from his website This software is been developed using
  • .NET C# 4.0
  • This software will run only in windows and not tested in Wine platform of Linux (May be will work)
This software accepts a tcl, trace files, scenario files and interprets the contents and displays results like throughput,data, etc.
Also there is a provision for graphing too.. Its a very great handy tool for NS2 (particularly beginners to researchers)..
Here are some of the screen shots of the software
Open a Tcl File and shows the second picture as shown in the next picture.
 In the following pic, the tcp packet flow is selected and a window pops out with various results.
Iin the following picture, the right side of the window is not used and the cross X indicates it is not used now, may be in future that area will be used.
And this picture tells you the throughput of a gives network.


  1. Sir, i am a new comer in scripting field and i need a script to do some calculation on the below given file data ....... please help me to write a shell script file based on the below file... it look like this.......

    c1 c2 c3 c4 c5
    s 0.398589568 _1_ MAC 0 (request send)
    s 0.513566459 _4_ MAC 0
    s 0.552966970 _0_ MAC 0
    s 0.787311440 _3_ MAC 0
    s 0.877323712 _2_ MAC 0
    s 46.46441059 _1_ MAC 0 (re-request send)
    s 47.59068956 _0_ MAC 0
    s 47.90057161 _0_ MAC 0
    s 47.98677431 _0_ MAC 0
    s 48.96975450 _0_ MAC 0
    s 48.9869547 _1_ MAC 0 (re-request send)
    r 49.0457547 _0_ MAC 1 (received request)
    s 50.058781511 _0_ MAC 0
    s 56.459210991 _3_ MAC 0
    s 66.986774311 _1_ MAC 0 (acknowledge send)
    s 67.020641218 _2_ MAC 6
    r 67.09610788 _1_ MAC 0 (acknowledge receive )
    s 68.073182951 _0_ MAC 0

    i want to write a script to which will help me to extract
    A) the maximum and minimum value of c2 when c1=s, c3=_1_ and c5=0.
    B) the minimum value of c2 when c1=r, c3=_0_ and c5=1.

    i want to do the delay calculation between two nodes... description of formula...
    node say n1(in my table it is _1_) send a request and time isT1... node n2 (in my table it is _0_) receive a request at time T2 and reply with an acknowledgement at time T3. the node n1 receive the ack packet at T4 time.
    Tint= T3-T2........
    formula is ------- (T4-T1-Tint)/2
    i will be highly grateful if anyone kindly do this to me. Hoping for reply me very soon. have a good day. Thanks.

  2. i have install ubuntu on virtual box. can i install ns2 trace visualizer on virtual box? if yes how? please guide me. thanks


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