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Telnet and FTP for a wired network | NS2 Tutorial 4

How to Write Makefile

Assume there are more number of source files to be compiled using a set of commands everytime is a tedious process. So there is a facility to compile everything at a stretch is by the use of a Makefile. The makefile can be named as either “Makefile” or “makefile”. Let me define four files for my simple application, create a new directory and store all the files given below main.c  (which contains the main program) sum.c (summing function is defined) hello.c (print hello world) function.h (function prototypes are declared) //function.h int sum(int,int); void print_hello(); //hello.c #include #include “function.h” void print_hello() { printf(“Hello World \n”); } //sum.c #include “function.h” int sum(int a, int b) { int c; c=a+b; return c; } //main.c #include #include “function.h” int main() { int a=10,b=20,c; print_hello(); c=sum(a,b); printf(“The sum of two numbers is %d “,c); return 0; } There are different methods of compiling this file Method 1: (gcc command