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MANET Routing Protocols using ns3


Download the Code here:

Check the Video for Detailed instruction and how to use the plots, graphs and source code.

Comparison of MANET routing Protocols 1. AODV
3. DSR
using NS3 (Network Simulator 3)
B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD...
1. Reactive Vs Proactive routing
2. PErformance comparison of MANET protocols
3. AODV Vs DSDV Comparison and also at my channel.

What Version: ns-3.29
My Ubunut OS is: Ubuntu 18.04

This file we are going to use for our simulation:

Once you under stand the code, now lets run this example

Step 1: Copy the above file in to ~ns-3.29/scratch/ folder

Step 2: Understand this code.
Step 3: Run this code
Open the terminal, Go to ns-3.29 and run the following command

$] ./waf --run scratch/manet-routing-compare

enable the following header file

#include "ns3/flo…

Wormhole Attack in ns2 with full source code

Wormhole attack in ns2 - with full source code.

OS Used: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Ns2 version - 2.35

Just three files are to be modified


Download link for all the files .cc, .h and .tcl files

All these files are located in the ~ns-2.35/mac/

How to do?
Copy all the above three files in the mac/ folder and open the terminal

$] cd ns-allinone-2.35/ns-2.35

$] make 

You should not get any error. Once done, open the tcl files given in the folder ex-wormhole and run the examples and predict the performance as per the video given above.

What is wormhole?

How to download the files. I will give the copy of the above three files in my website

Very soon, I will move to github.

Subscribe to my youtube channel and share.

Explanation of Wormhole Attack

Hope you would have enjoyed this worm hole attack in ns2.

Please download the full source code from my website

If you need more informa…