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MANET Routing Protocols using ns3


Download the Code here:

Check the Video for Detailed instruction and how to use the plots, graphs and source code.

Comparison of MANET routing Protocols 1. AODV
3. DSR
using NS3 (Network Simulator 3)
B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD...
1. Reactive Vs Proactive routing
2. PErformance comparison of MANET protocols
3. AODV Vs DSDV Comparison and also at my channel.

What Version: ns-3.29
My Ubunut OS is: Ubuntu 18.04

This file we are going to use for our simulation:

Once you under stand the code, now lets run this example

Step 1: Copy the above file in to ~ns-3.29/scratch/ folder

Step 2: Understand this code.
Step 3: Run this code
Open the terminal, Go to ns-3.29 and run the following command

$] ./waf --run scratch/manet-routing-compare

enable the following header file

#include "ns3/flo…

Gnuplot for plotting graphs

This post shows you how to plot using gnuplot for producing/creating graphs. Usually these graphs are used to publish in papers like journals/conferences. Gnuplot tutorial on handling data files.
Installation of gnuplot 
$] sudo apt install gnuplot
Two files for plotting a graph in gnuplot 
File1: mydata.txt  1 34.5 45 12000 2 36.4 34 24000 3 38.7 22 34000 4 32.3 18 43000 5 41.5 24 23456 6 35.6 36 12345 7 24.5 67 67987 8 56.7 54 45678 9 62.3 27 32123 10 65.4 33 8999
File2: mygnucode.plt
set terminal pdf
set output "pradeep.pdf"
set title "Drivers Data"
set xlabel "Number of Days"
set ylabel "Drivers Info"
plot "mydata.txt" using 1:2 with impulse title "Speed km/hr" lw 
2,"mydata.txt" using 1:3 with points title "Age" lw 2

set terminal png size 600,400
set output "salary.png"
set title "Drivers Data"
set xlabel "Number of Driver"
set ylabel "Drivers Salary"
plot "mydata.txt" usin…