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PyTorch Code for Simple Neural Networks for MNIST Dataset

Error: Meta size 4064 too large (max = 1000)

Error: Meta size 4064 too large (max = 1000) When using Mannasim Simulator for ns2, you may encounter this error when you are trying to run a tcl file with LEACH protocol. Here is a small workaround for the solution. To install mannasim, please go here . To overcome the above error, open the file ~ns-2.35/common/packet.h and change the following line struct hdr_rca {        int msg_type_;        char meta_[1000]; to struct hdr_rca {        int msg_type_;        char meta_[5000]; Since I get 4064 as meta size, i changed it to 5000, if you get more than 4064, then accordingly you can increase the meta size and compile it.  Here is the important step to compile   ~ns-2.35 $] ./configure --with-tcl-ver=8.5 ~ns-2.35 $] make Sometimes simply typing make will compile, but the .object files would not be created. So use the above two steps. Here is the screenshot. Mannasim Meta Size Error T S Pradeep Kumar