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Installation of ns3 in Ubuntu | Ubuntu 24.04 | ns-3.42

BonnMotion - A mobile scenario Generator Tool

BonnMotion is a tool that generates scenario for ns2, ns3, qualnet, etc. This will comfortably work with Linux. And in windows, there could be some bugs. Please refer the documentation here: h ttp:// To use this tool for ns2, here are the steps. Step1 : Download the BonnMotion tool from this website Step 2: Unzip it to home folder (/home/pradeepkumar in my case) step 3: Here are the commands to install $] unzip -d $] cd bonnmotion-2.1.3/ $] ./install  The above command will install, if any packages are missing for dependencies, please install it. $] Once installed, copy the bonnmotion-2.1.3/bin/bm file to /usr/bin/ for running it anywhere. if not go to bin folder using the command given below $] cd bonnmotion-2.1.3/bin/ To run BonnMotion $bonnmotion-2.1.3/bin] ./bm -hm  (this will list all the models) $bonnmotion-2.1.3/bin] ./bm -hm RandomWaypoint Will display all the parameters for RandomWaypoi

Link State Routing in NS3 - Wired Network

Link state routing in ns3 There are two varieties of protocols that deals with wired networks namely distance vector routing and link state routing,  As per the wikipedia, Distance-vector routing protocols , which work by having each node share its routing table with its neighbours, in a link-state protocol the only information passed between nodes is  connectivity related . Link-state algorithms are sometimes characterized informally as each router, "telling the world about its neighbors. This exercise can be one of the lab exercises of many universities in India. There are many more exercises to follow. If one understand this video, they can able to simulate any network design and run it successfully in ns3. In this blog post, I am not going to explain the concepts of link state routing, but will explain how to configure the nodes to use link state routing in ns3.  Please find the video for the source code explanation and compilation in ns3 on link state routing protocol Here is