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PyTorch Code for Simple Neural Networks for MNIST Dataset

Routing in VANETs using ns3

Part 1 WAVE - Wireless Access for Vehicular environments. It might take more than an hour. The readers are requested to be patient. SUMO, VANETs, routing comparison 1. Explain the full source code (1550 lines of code) 2. Creating a real scenario using osm (Open Street Map Web Wizard) 3. Performance analysis for various vanet protocols. Location of the source code /home/pradeepkumar/ns-allinone-3.27/ns-3.27/src/wave/examples Move this file to the scratch/ for inclusion of all modules. Step 1: Explanation of source code. Copy the file to scratch folder. This is just Part 1 of the VANET comparison Part 2 Please watch the First Part before watching this video Part 2 - Analysis of the results. Please go through the first video (Part 1) and then watch this video (PArt 2) #VANETs #NS3 #Routing 1. SUMO for web traffic ( 2. Conver