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cbrgen and setdest in NS2 (Network Simulator 2)

This post will help you to understand the automatic TCL code generation for creating connections between the nodes, to create hops, generates tcp or cbr agents, etc.

There are two things are used: setdest and cbrgen.tcl

setdest is used to

Create hops between the nodes using the GOD (General Operations Director) object.Create mobility for nodes in terms of metres/secondMove from one place to another place using setdest (Set destination) with speedTo execute, use ./setdestExample of Setdest is
$] cd /home/pradeepkumar/ns-allinone-2.35/ns-2.35/indep-utils/cmu-scen-gen/setdest
$] ./setdest -v 2 -n 10 -s 1 -m 10 -M 50 -t 30 -P 1 -p 1 -x 500 -y 500 > usersetdest.tcl
The above output is redirected to usersetdest.tcl 
cbrgen.tcl  create connections between the nodes , one can specify the maximum number of connections to be made for all the nodes in the networkto create the type of agents between the nodes (cbr or tcp)rate at which the packets are execute this, ns cbrgen.tcl