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PyTorch Code for Simple Neural Networks for MNIST Dataset

Telnet and FTP for a wired network | NS2 Tutorial 4

TELNET and FTP for a Wired Network In the above network, Node 0 to Node 5 is enabled with Telnet Application, and Node 4 to Node 1 is enabled with FTP Application.  Both FTP and TElnet are application layer protocols use TCP as the transport Layer.  Requisites: OS: Ubuntu 22.04 NS Version: 2.35 Results: Throughput with the help of AWK script Animation: NAM Graphs: xgraph or gnuplot PROGRAM #=================================== #     Simulation parameters setup #=================================== set val(stop)   10.5                     ;# time of simulation end #=================================== #        Initialization         #=================================== #Create a ns simulator set ns [new Simulator] #Open the NS trace file set tracefile [open w] $ns trace-all $tracefile #Open the NAM trace file set namfile [open telnet.nam w] $ns namtrace-all $namfile #=================================== #        Nodes Definition         #=================================== #Creat