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PyTorch Code for Simple Neural Networks for MNIST Dataset

How to add a Protocol in ns2 - NS2 Tutorial #13

How to add a new protocol in ns2 I am going to use the version ns-2.35 protoname was one of the best unicast routing protocol for ns2. Agent/SIMP Protoname -| Simp PROTONAME -| SIMP protoname -| simp you can download teh source code from There are totally 5 files in the source code converted to protoname.h -| simp.h protoname_pkt.h -| simp_pkt.h -| protoname_rtable.h -| simp_rtable.h In this new protocol, we have to 1. Add the source code (the 5 files given above) 2. existing code modification (within ns2) 3. Make an entry in the 4. Recompile ns2 5. Test the protocol using a TCL file. Addition of source code is done. Existing code modification - Very important. in ns2, inforamtion about compilation is scattered... we need to make modifications at multiple locations. What are the files that are needed for modification. all the file locations are here. To add a packet data ~ns-allinone-2.35/ns