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MANET Routing Protocols using ns3


Download the Code here:

Check the Video for Detailed instruction and how to use the plots, graphs and source code.

Comparison of MANET routing Protocols 1. AODV
3. DSR
using NS3 (Network Simulator 3)
B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD...
1. Reactive Vs Proactive routing
2. PErformance comparison of MANET protocols
3. AODV Vs DSDV Comparison and also at my channel.

What Version: ns-3.29
My Ubunut OS is: Ubuntu 18.04

This file we are going to use for our simulation:

Once you under stand the code, now lets run this example

Step 1: Copy the above file in to ~ns-3.29/scratch/ folder

Step 2: Understand this code.
Step 3: Run this code
Open the terminal, Go to ns-3.29 and run the following command

$] ./waf --run scratch/manet-routing-compare

enable the following header file

#include "ns3/flo…

Installing ns-2.29 in Ubuntu 12.04

Off late, we try to use(install) a old software in a new Operating System for want of backward compatibility or to survey.  This following post shows you how to install ns-2.29 in Ubuntu 12.04.Unlike other ns2 installations, this installation has so many errors, warnings and patchings. Once everything is overcome, ns installs successfullyStep 1: Download and untar ns-2.29 from this link ( 2: install the necessary dependancy packages using the command "sudo apt-get install build-essential libxmu-dev autoconf automake" (without quotes). This will install the necessary developmental packagesStep 3: Since ns-2.29 is older software, some of the pointer conversion have to be changed inside ns-2.29Step 4: go to terminal, point to the location of ns-allinone-2.29 using the command "cd ~/ns-allinone-2.29/" and type "./install"Step 5: there may be the follow…