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Installation of ns3 in Ubuntu | Ubuntu 24.04 | ns-3.42

VANETs using NS3 - Part 1

VANETs using Ns3 and SUMO - Example 1 SUMO, open street maps and VANETS using ns2. VANETs, SUMO, ns3 and open street Maps. sumo software - Install this software, refer my previous video sumo 1.2.x Check the following video for full instructions. Compile it from the source. Download sumo.1.2.x....tar.gz git clone command.... Softwares used: ns-3.29 sumo 1.2.0 OSM - Open street Map ( Step 1 $] cd sumo/tools $] python Select the cars, buses, motorcycles, etc. and generate the scenario, sumo-gui automatically pops up. Step 1: Create the Sumo-gui or Sumo configuration file using the above method. Step 2: Create the mobility.tcl Step 3: run the file with nodeNum, duration, logFile, etc. Step 4: Include the NetAnim Code and run the simulation. Step 2: Mobility.tcl file (How to create) $] sumo -c osm.sumocfg --fcd-output trace.xml $] cd && cd sumo/tools $] python -i trace.xml