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PyTorch Code for Simple Neural Networks for MNIST Dataset

SUMO, Open Street Maps and NS2 - A Real Traffic Simulation

SUMO is the Simulation of Urban mobility software that enables to simulate the road traffic. Open Street map ( )  provides the xml based .osm file for any part of the world selected through their website. #openstreetmap #SUMO can able to convert the osm file to its native xml file. The post tells you the simulation of a real traffic network and how it is ported to #ns2 for network animation and tracing. Step 1: Prerequisites SUMO to be installed - in my case I installed sumo this way  sudo add-apt-repository pap:sumo/stable sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install sumo sumo-doc sumo-tools Also,  Download the sumo source sumo-src-0.26.tar.gz  from this link and unzip or untar it to the home directory ( /home/pradeepkumar ). There are some python files that are needed to generate random trips and to export xml files to tcl files. the commands sumo, sumo-gui will run only the graphical simulation. Once the software is unzipped, set the SUMO_HOME