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PyTorch Code for Simple Neural Networks for MNIST Dataset

Adding a malicious node in NS2 in AODV Protocol

Adding a malicious node is ns2 using aodv protocol. The node which is declared as malicious will simply drop the router packet (DROP_RTR_ROUTE_LOOP). Two files have to be modified. 1. aodv.h 2. aodv.h file changes Declare a boolean variable malicious as shown below in the protected scope in the class AODV bool malicious; file changes 1. Initialize the malicious varible with a value "false". Declare it inside the constructor as shown below AODV::AODV(nsaddr_t id):Agent(PT_AODV)... { ....... malicious = false; } 2. Add the following statement to the file in the "if(argc==2)" statment. if(strcmp(argv[1], "malicious") == 0) {     malicious = true;    return TCL_OK; } 3. Implement the behavior of the malicious node by setting the following code in the rt_resolve(Packet *p) function. The malicious node will simply drop the packet as indicated below. if(malicious==true) { drop(p,DROP_RTR_ROUTE_LOOP); } Onc