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PyTorch Code for Simple Neural Networks for MNIST Dataset

P2P network Simulation using NS3 | NS3 Tutorial

In this post, we are going to see how to define and design a p2p network between two wired nodes with a decent bandwidth and delay. Here is the problem statement.  NS3 will be used to simulate the network Tools required: NS3  Tracemetrics (for measuring throughput) NetAnim (for Animation) Gnuplot (for plotting the characteristics) Complete Instructions are available in the video  Problem Statement: Design two wired nodes that can connect to each other through a point-to-point network that handles a data rate of 50mbps and a delay of 5ms. The first node acts as a server and the second node acts as a client and they exchange at least 10 packets in a total simulation time of 20 seconds. The maximum packet size is 1024 bytes and 512 bytes. Plot the throughput of each node for the above packet sizes. (Use any charting solution you are comfortable with). NS3 already had this file in the name as which is located at  ~ns-3.38/examples/tutorial/ Copy the above file to ~ns-3.38/scratc