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Installing ns-3.37 and ns-3.35 in Ubuntu | Ubuntu 22.04 | NS3

Multiple Versions of ns3 in Ubuntu 22.04 In this post, we are going to install two versions of ns3 namely ns-3.35 and ns-3.37  My OS is : Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Long Term Support) ns-3.35 uses waf and (./waf --run scratch/first)  ns-3.37 uses cmake  (./ns3 run scratch/ So we will install both the packages  Go through the video for complete instructions To start with  $ sudo apt update  $ sudo apt install build-essential autoconf automake libxmu-dev g++ python3 python3-dev pkg-config sqlite3 cmake python3-setuptools git qtbase5-dev qtchooser qt5-qmake qtbase5-dev-tools gir1.2-goocanvas-2.0 python3-gi python3-gi-cairo python3-pygraphviz gir1.2-gtk-3.0 ipython3 openmpi-bin openmpi-common openmpi-doc libopenmpi-dev autoconf cvs bzr unrar gsl-bin libgsl-dev libgslcblas0 wireshark tcpdump sqlite sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev  libxml2 libxml2-dev libc6-dev libc6-dev-i386 libclang-dev llvm-dev automake python3-pip libxml2 libxml2-dev libboost-all-dev  I have downloaded both the versions of ns3 fr

AODV Protocol Modification in NS2 - NS2 Tutorial 7

AODV Protocol Modification In this post, you can learn ·        What is AODV protocol ·        How to measure the energy, node position and node speed during AODV transmission ·        To understand and implement the promiscuous mode in AODV Introduction A mobile Adhoc network is self-configurable multi-hop wireless network that will not depend on pre- existing infrastructure such as access points. A MANET contains several wireless nodes where each node may move randomly, chose to communicate with any node in its range directly. In order to communicate with any node not in its range, intermediate nodes help as routers to forward the packet to the destination. The characteristics of MANETs are energy constrained, multi-hop, dynamic topology, no central authority and device heterogeneity. A node can join any network and can leave the network anytime. Due to this higher mobility, MANETs exhibit dynamic nature in forming the topology. Basically, a MANET is self-organized, self-

Wireless Networks in NS2 - NS2 Tutorial 6

Wireless Networks In this post: ·        Introduction to Wireless networks ·        Tcl scripts for various wireless networks Unlike Wired networks, wireless networks are a little tricky in dealing with the network properties. Since wireless nodes have radio, physical layer, Mac (Medium Access Control), Antenna, etc. Every parameter of those should be addressed when configuring wireless networks. NS provides a way to handle these properties through a construct called node-config. The node configuration in ns2 is a special task in which the number of nodes can be configured for a set of parameters. The following table tells about the node configuration parameters as defined in the  ~ns-2.35/tcl/ns-lib.tcl ·        The readers are requested to refer the  ns-lib.tcl  file for more information. 6.1 Wireless Node Configuration The following table shows the complete node configuration that ns supports or provides. The wireless nodes may be configured with all the parameters g