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Installation of ns3 in Ubuntu | Ubuntu 24.04 | ns-3.42

AODV Protocol Modification in NS2 - NS2 Tutorial 7

AODV Protocol Modification In this post, you can learn ·        What is AODV protocol ·        How to measure the energy, node position and node speed during AODV transmission ·        To understand and implement the promiscuous mode in AODV Introduction A mobile Adhoc network is self-configurable multi-hop wireless network that will not depend on pre- existing infrastructure such as access points. A MANET contains several wireless nodes where each node may move randomly, chose to communicate with any node in its range directly. In order to communicate with any node not in its range, intermediate nodes help as routers to forward the packet to the destination. The characteristics of MANETs are energy constrained, multi-hop, dynamic topology, no central authority and device heterogeneity. A node can join any network and can leave the network anytime. Due to this higher mobility, MANETs exhibit dynamic nature in forming the topology. Basically, a MANET is self-organized, self-