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PyTorch Code for Simple Neural Networks for MNIST Dataset

Network Simulator 2 - presentation Slides

I have gone across more than 80 institutions in the country to give hands on session, workshop, seminars related to network simulator 2. Mostly I will try different simulations, different models for simulation, etc. But basically, every researcher/students needs some basics to get to know about ns2. These slides make you understand the basics of ns2. Still in the country, there are so many universities uses ns2 as their simulated platform for the networking course, wireless networks course, etc. reading these slides make you know the basics of ns2. These slides can be downloaded from my slideshare profile. Introduction to Network Simulator 2 Introduction to ns2 from Pradeep Kumar TS, PhD Installation of Network Simulator 2 Installation of ns2 from Pradeep Kumar TS, PhD Wired and Wireless Network Examples in ns2 Wired and Wireless Examples in ns2 from Pradeep Kumar TS, PhD OTCL and C++ Linkages in ns2 OTcl and C++ linkages in NS2 from P