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PyTorch Code for Simple Neural Networks for MNIST Dataset

Wired Cum Wireless Network Simulation - NS2 Tutorial 22

Today Session on Wired Cum Wireless Networks using ns2. You can watch the following lecture before understanding this lecture. Watch Wireless Networks - Watch Wired Networks - Number of Wireles snodes is 7 Wired nodes - 2 Accesspoint or Base Stations - 2 Watch the full video for this example this example is already avaialble in tcl/ex folder. The same example I have taken but modified to my design... How to generate Scenario and Traffic generation (connection Pattern) To generate the connection pattern, here is the steps Open the terminal and go to the folder $] cd /home/pradeepkumar/ns-allinone-2.35/ns-2.35/indep-utils/cmu-scen-gen and run this command $] ns cbrgen.tcl -type tcp -nn 7 -seed 1 -mc 20 -rate 0.001  for 7 nodes, type of traffic is TCP, random seed is 1, maximum connection is 20 and the rate is 1ms or 0.001 and

Ns2 and Ns3 Video Tutorials with Free Source Code

This post shows you the way to download, learn and watch source  codes and their working in ns3 and ns2. Everyday thousands of visitor visits this blog and search for source code and explanation. Since 2011, the blog is delivering information across the globe. Now this era is on Videos and online tutorials. nsnam is happily created a Video Channel called " Engineering Clinic " in Youtube and deliver video lectures with free source codes for all applications. Engineering Clinic Subscribers of this blog are requested to subscribe to the video channel given below  Here are some Playlists that are important to the viewers of this blog. NS2 Tutorials - NS3 Tutorials - IoT Tutorials -

Electrical Machine Design (equations)

Factors DC Machine Transformers Induction Machines Synchronous Machines Output Equation P a =C o D 2 Ln, where Pa=P/h for generators, Pa=P for motors For Single Phase Q=2.22 f B m A i K w A w d 10 -3 For Three Phase Q=3.33 f B m A i K w A w d 10 -3 Q=C o D 2 L n s KVA Input Q= HP * 0.746 / Cos f * h Q=C o D 2 L n s KVA Input Q= HP * 0.746 / Cos f * h For Turbo alternators Q=1.11B av ac K ws V a 2 L 10 -3 /n s Output Coefficient C o =B av ac* 10 -3 where Bav-magnetic loading and ac - electric loading DNA C o =11 K ws B av ac 10 -3 C o =11 K ws B av ac 10 -3 Choice of Magnetic Loading Flux Density in Teeth Frequency of Flux Reversals Size of machine DNA Magnetizing current, Flux Density, Iron loss Iron loss, Stability, Voltage Rating, Parallel Operation, Transient ShortCircuit current Choice of E

How to Access MOODLE in Intranet and Internet

When Moodle is accessed either in Intranet or internet, there will not be any issue. But occasions when the MOODLE Site has to be accessed both in the intranet and in the Internet, here is a simple trick Server Used: IBM Blade Servers Operating system: Windows Server 2008 Moodle Version: 2.4 WAMP Server is used. Number of Users: 3000 (Students) + 200 (Faculty) Open the config.php from ~/moodle/config.php include these lines $CFG->wwwroot = 'http://'.$server_id.'/vitcc'; $CFG->dataroot  = 'C:\\wamp\\moodledata'; before the following line $CFG->directorypermissions = 07xx; Restart the WAMP Server and you can Check MOODLE Site both in Internet and Intranet. The above Image tells the intranet Link and the internet link can be opened outside the campus network

Virtual Host in Bitnami Lampstack

IF you have a website that runs with an IP address and you decide to move it to a domain, then here is the clear step.  Also this post will be helpful to you if you are running a same website by two different IP Address (One in campus and another outside the campus) Prerequisites: Your IP Address (Example): (Internal IP) Your IP Address (Example): (External IP) You want to move it to: (instead of Step 1: Open the file /opt/lampstack-5.5.31-0/apache/conf/bitnami/bitnami.conf In the above file, Change these lines  (The bold lines are the changed ones) <VirtualHost _default_:80> DocumentRoot “/opt/lampstack-5.5.31-0/apache2/htdocs/site” <Directory “/opt/lampstack-5.5.31-0/apache2/htdocs”> Options Indexes FollowSymLinks AllowOverride All <IfVersion < 2.3 > Order allow,deny Allow from all </IfVersion> <IfVersion >= 2.3 > Require all granted </IfVersion> </Directory> to <Vi