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Installation of ns3 in Ubuntu | Ubuntu 24.04 | ns-3.42

NS2 Visual trace analyzer

A Visual trace analyzer is been developed by Mr. Fernando and you can download freely from his website http://nsvisualtraceanalyzer. This software is been developed using .NET C# 4.0 This software will run only in windows and not tested in Wine platform of Linux (May be will work) in future, the same software will be processed using Java as most of the OS will run. download from this url : frocha/ns/NS2-   here is the manual: http://nsvisualtraceanalyzer. ns2-visual-trace-analyzer- manual.pdf This software accepts a tcl, trace files, scenario files and interprets the contents and displays results like throughput,data, etc. Also there is a provision for graphing too.. Its a very great handy tool for NS2 (particularly beginners to researchers).. Here are some of the screen shots of the software Open a Tcl File and shows the second picture as shown in the next picture.  I