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PyTorch Code for Simple Neural Networks for MNIST Dataset

Linux Kernel and Embedded Systems Apps in Windows 8

Dear readers,  Thanks are using my website for technical information. Scaling to a new level, I have published two apps in Windows 8 app store, one related to linux kernel and other on Embedded systems Of course, both of the mateirals are already there in this blog.  So readers can download offline to see the contents related to embedded system and linux kernel and the advanatage is, they are free to download. Here are the links to download Embedded Systems - Linux Kernel App - I am planning to launch these and other apps in android also soon. Wait for my apps.

Energy Model in Network Simulator 2 (NS2)

Enabling or using energy for a wireless node is always giving the accurate results. Be default, when node-config is done is NS2, the energy supplied is infinite, means there is no energy log is been carried out. you can see the following code below: #Node configuration without energy Model $ns node-config -addressType hierarchical \ -adhocRouting AODV \ -llType LL \ -macType Mac/802_11 \ -ifqType Queue/DropTail/PriQueue \ -ifqLen 50 \ -antType Antenna/OmniAntenna \ -propType Propagation/TwoRayGround \ -phyType Phy/WirelessPhy \ -topologyInstance \$topo \ -channel Channel/WirelessChannel \ -agentTrace ON \ -routerTrace ON \ -macTrace OFF \ -movementTrace OFF #here is the change in which you can enable the energyMode