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PyTorch Code for Simple Neural Networks for MNIST Dataset

Mannasim–A sensor Network Simulator for NS2 (ns-2.35)

Mannasim is a third party tool for simulating the Wireless sensor networks with carbon monoxide sensor and some other sensors etc. It was developed for ns2.29 version and based on the internet users the mannasim was been installed on ns-2.34 also. There are patches available to download for versions 2.29 and ns-2.34. But over these two years since the launch on ns-2.35, there are so many queries whether these tools are ready for ns-2.35, here is the answer for that. The source code and other information has been taken from these sites. Installation of Mannasim in ns-2.35 For mannasim to be installed, here are the following files need to be modified. Click the link to download the Mannasim.tar.gz file for ns-2.35  The tar file contains a folder mannasim Paste the entire folder inside the ~ns-2.35/ folder and inside the mannasim / folder (there will be a ns-modif