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PyTorch Code for Simple Neural Networks for MNIST Dataset

Aquasim in ns3

This post shows you how to install aquasim in ns3. Aquasim is a simulator used for simulating underwater Wireless Sensor networks which was used with ns2 earlier, and now it is available for ns3 too. OS Used: Linux Mint 18.1 or Ubuntu 16.04 Ns version used: ns-3.27 Assumption: You should have installed ns3 before trying the following. Please follow the ns3 installation instructions here . Open the terminal and give the following instructions. $] cd ns-allinone-3.27/ns-3.27/src $] git clone $] cd .. $] ./waf --enable-examples --enable-tests configure --disable-python $] ./waf  Once successful, you will get a screen like this which indicates that aquasim is installed successfully in ns3. Aquasim in ns3 To test an example, go to the folder ~ns-3.27/src/aqua-sim-ng/examples/ and copy the file to the scratch/ folder and type the command to run the example. $]  cd ns-allinone-3.27/ns-3.27 $] .

ns3 installation in Ubuntu 16.04

This post serves the installation instructions of ns3 in ubuntu 16.04 version. Some of my students are working in ns3, this post will benefit them in installing ns3. OS Used: Ubuntu 16.04.4 ns3 version: ns3 version 3.27 The same procedure will be applied for OS like Debian, Linux Mint. Fresh installation of Ubuntu 16.04 Let you try the fresh installation of ubuntu in your hard disk along with windows. Installation of ns3 dependencies ns3 needs so many dependencies, developmental libraries, drivers, etc. so install all those $] sudo apt update  $] sudo apt upgrade $] sudo apt-get install build-essential autoconf automake libxmu-dev python-pygoocanvas python-pygraphviz cvs mercurial bzr git cmake p7zip-full python-matplotlib python-tk python-dev python-kiwi python-gnome2 python-gnome2-desktop-dev python-rsvg qt4-dev-tools qt4-qmake qt4-qmake qt4-default gnuplot-x11 wireshark The above command make take some time to download, compile and install it, Be Patie