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PyTorch Code for Simple Neural Networks for MNIST Dataset

Network Simulator 2 installation in Fedora 17 (Beta)

Hope you would have tried installing NS2 in Fedora 16. Now here is a new post that you can install ns2.35 in Fedora 17 beta. Install Fedora 17 beta from a DVD and install all the softwares that are coming along with the DVD (Except the Languages). There will be a "Customize now" option will be there during the installation of Fedora, check that and install all the required softwares. Download NS-23.5 from Untar the downloaded ns-allinone-xxx.tar.gz file using the command “tar zxvf ns-allinone-2.35.tar.gz” execute the commands one by one as given below cd ns-allinone-2.35 ./install (you may get an error called ~ns-2.35/linkstate/ls.h error in line number 137,  change the following line to                              void eraseAll() { erase(baseMap::begin(), baseMap::end()); } to this line                             void eraseAll() { this->erase (baseMap::begin(), baseMap::end()); } and again give ./install (You get the PATH information if th