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This post will tell you how to join mkv files through terminal mode in Ubuntu 12.04 Operating System.

mkvmerge command
Ubuntu 12.04 (64 bit)

Matroska is a video file codec that is useful to store compressed high quality video into a small file. the extension of matroska is mkv and if there are multiple mkv files, how those files can be combined in to single file (in short we call it merging). Here is the method to do it.

First you need to install the mkvmerge command in linux to do the merging
here is the command to install that
$]   sudo apt-get install mkvtoolnix-gui 
If there are four files like

and the output file for the same would be pradeep.mkv, then here is the command

$] mkvmerge -o pradeep.mkv  one.mkv +two.mkv +three.mkv +four.mkv 

You can refer the following image for the same.
mkvmerge (To Merge many mkv files)
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+Nabin Pradhan

 T S Pradeep Kumar

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