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Here are some list of projects that may help PG/UG students to do their final Year Projects.  These projects can be implemented using NS2 as a tool and of other tools also. The following projects are categorized as wired and wireless networks (Sensor, Adhoc and Mesh).

  • Performance of TCP in presence of UDP Flows
  • Performance comparison of various routing protocols of Wireless Adhoc Networks (DSR, AODV, DSDV and TORA)
  • Performance comparison of various routing protocols of Sensor Networks (LEACH, SPIN, etc)
  • Implementation of a New TCP Protocol and compare it with other fellow protocols.
  • Comparison of AODV, Trusted AODV and Secure AODV protocol
  • Distance matrix based protocol for wireless sensor networks
  • Bandwidth reuse and utilization for Wireless adhoc networks
  • Peer to Peer Network
  • Quality of Service (QoS) metrics in Adhoc Networks
  • QoS metrics in Sensor Networks
  • Qos Metrics in Wireless multimedia sensor networks
  • QoS metrics in wireless Multimedia Adhoc Networks
  • Animal Habitat using sensor networks
  • enhancing an existing routing protocol for wireless adhoc networks
  • Adding a new metrics in any existing TCP protocol and compare it with other protocols
  • Adding a new queuing method and implement the queue for any existing wired or wireless application
  • Adding a new packet structure and test it using any wireless or wired networks (multimedia UDP packets for wireless adhoc networks)
  • Video/Audio streaming in wireless sensor networks
  • Video/audio streaming in  wireless mesh networks
  • Power aware routing in wireless adhoc networks using fuzzy logic
  • Power aware routing in wireless sensor networks
  • Stochastic Power modelling in wireless sensor networks
  • Localisation in wireless sensor networks
  • data acquisition and aggregation in wireless sensor networks
  • Transmission power control using any algorithm in wireless sensor or wireless adhoc networks.
  • Mobile IP based network monitoring in comparison with node ID based.
  • Adding a new agent and test it with existing wired or wireless networks.
  • Real implementation of Adhoc Routing protocol using Laptops 802.11 interface


  1. sir can i know will the above all projects require any cpp coding are can they be completed with the tcl coding..., plz clear my doubt...,

    1. Some of them need C++ coding, but most of them can be implemented using TCL

  2. sir can u please tell me ... Does ns2 has TCPW (Westwood ) integrated in it?....
    If i wish to use TCPW instead of TCP Reno then how to switch?... thanku.. sir

    1. you need to compile the westwood algorithm separately. you may find the source code somewehre in the net.

  3. sir implementation of Secos and its efficiency can be done in ns2 sir and can it also be compared with spin protocol? do reply sir

  4. sir.. i am doing M.E final year in communication sysyetms... i need ur help to do my project.. can u give me ur mail id or contact no.

  5. Sir, how can i integrate fuzzy logic into NS2?

  6. sir can you tell me how to implement SAODV ??

  7. I need to implement an improved energy aware AODV on mobile networks. I am trying to implement it by adding an additional min field on a RREQ which keeps minimum energy along the path between source and destination.However while I am using iNode->energy_model()->energy() to get residual/current energy of a node, it doesn't work. segumentation fault was displayed. So is there any alternative method to obtain residual energy of a node.

    Thank you in advance for your help!!!


  8. please send me :
    1-Performance comparison of various routing protocols of Wireless Adhoc Networks (DSR, AODV, DSDV and TORA)
    3-Comparison of AODV, Trusted AODV and Secure AODV protocol
    4-Performance comparison of various routing protocols of Wireless Adhoc Networks (DSR, AODV, DSDV and TORA)
    And i want to Sucure AODV usoing Public-private key(Encrption Decrption concept) So please help me
    An d tell me how i contact you

  9. Sir in order to simulate lte in ns2 do we need lte patch compulsory


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