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MANET Routing Protocols using ns3


Download the Code here:

Check the Video for Detailed instruction and how to use the plots, graphs and source code.

Comparison of MANET routing Protocols 1. AODV
3. DSR
using NS3 (Network Simulator 3)
B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD...
1. Reactive Vs Proactive routing
2. PErformance comparison of MANET protocols
3. AODV Vs DSDV Comparison and also at my channel.

What Version: ns-3.29
My Ubunut OS is: Ubuntu 18.04

This file we are going to use for our simulation:

Once you under stand the code, now lets run this example

Step 1: Copy the above file in to ~ns-3.29/scratch/ folder

Step 2: Understand this code.
Step 3: Run this code
Open the terminal, Go to ns-3.29 and run the following command

$] ./waf --run scratch/manet-routing-compare

enable the following header file

#include "ns3/flo…

Tracegraph - a graphing software to plot the trace files from NS2

Tracegraph is a third party software helps in plotting the graphs for NS2 and other networking simulation softwares. But the sad point is the software is not maintained by anyone and the happiest point is the software works fine still and it is free. 

You may download the tracegraph software from these locations.

For windows:

For Linux :

There are actually two files one with the matlab runtime library file and other is the original software tracegraph.

Tracegraph when opened, it opens 3 windows, 

  • one window to select the trace file (.tr) that was created by NS2 (depending on the size of the trace file , the processing time also varies)
  • Second window is the main window in which you can see the graphs for various performance characteristics like throughput, End to End Delay, jitter, etc in 2D and 3D facillity. Even it can plot the histograms too.
  • Third window is nothing but the Simulation Information Windows, that you can see the packet loss, packet delivery, end to end delay for the total network, information about the intermediate nodes, source and destination nodes.

    Tracegraph exists for windows as well Linux, you can download both the versions at these locations

    For windows Installation :

    For Linux Installation :

    the following is the snapshot for windows installation: Copy the PATH as done in the pic and paste it in the environmental variables




    1. I have installed tracegraph202 version on fedora17 but the GUI is not loading properly.

      In order to run tracegraph windows version
      I got downloaded mglinstaller.exe of size 8.31 mb from web but its not installing on windows xp and windows 7.

      please provide me the mglinstaller.exe download link...

    2. sir please provide me mglinstaller.exe

      Ravi Kumar

    3. @ravikumar actually u dont need mglinstaller.exe first of u set the path in command prompt
      and run it in cmd prompt u will s/w open
      set path=c:\tr s/w folder\bin\win32

    4. Hi, can you help me?

      The Tracegraph for Windows link seems to be dead. Is there any way I can get it?

      Thank You


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