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  • WARP
  • Active HDL


  • The Specification of the BCD to GRAY Code Converter is taken.
  • The input and the output ports of the above specification are defined to a Standard language (std_logic). The temporary variables are selected if necessary.
  • Entity and Architecture is created for the above specification.
  • The Result is verified by simulation and the waveforms are seen.


Program for BCD to Gray Conversion:
library IEEE;
use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all;
entity bcdtogray is
port (
w: in STD_LOGIC;
x: in STD_LOGIC;
y: in STD_LOGIC;
z: in STD_LOGIC;
a: out STD_LOGIC;
b: out STD_LOGIC;
c: out STD_LOGIC;
d: out STD_LOGIC
end bcdtogray;
architecture archbcdtogray of bcdtogray is
a <= w and (not x) and (not y);
b <= (w and (not x) and (not y)) or (not w and x);
c <= (not w) and (x xor y);
d <= (not w) and (y xor z);
end archbcdtogray;



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