Queuing Models in NS2

M/M/1 is a system with poisson arrival time, servicing exponentially and a queue of unlimited capacity and type of FIFO Queue. This is the simplest queuing system.  NS2 supports various distributions like pareto, exponential, constant, unifrom, etc to handle the network dynamics and metrics. So it is very easy to test the given network link to monitor a given queue using any of these queuing models. The listing 3 and 4 are monitoring the link when DropTail queue is used with a capacity of finite and infinite. Listing 13.3 uses infinite capacity and Listing 13.4 uses Finite capacity The output screen shot is shown below the scripts for further understanding
Listing 3 – M/M/1 Queuing Model #new Simulator creation set ns [new Simulator] #trace file creation for capturing the UDP data set tf [open out.tr w] $ns trace-all $tf
#setting the exponential distribution param set lambda 30.0 set mu     33.0
#creation of nodes set n1 [$ns node] set n2 [$ns node] #The queue limit is 1Lakh as the capacity is infin…

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  • But I do help lot of students across the globe through Facebook, Google+ or @tspradeepkumar any social media and I help them in sharing the source codes (what i develop or the codes some others developed and recompiled in latest version of ns2). So I do help the student community outside this blog.
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