Introduction to Contiki OS

Introduction to Contiki OS

To install Contiki: Refer this post :

To Refer the Characteristics and comparison of Various OS, refer this Slides:

Operating System fo IoT from T S PRADEEP KUMAR
How to use Contiki OS for Sensor Simulation - A Detailed video is enclosed herewith.
It tells about
Oracle Virtual Box
How to create a Sensor mote using Contiki
How to write a new App in contiki
What are the different windows that categorise? and lot more. Refer this video

T S Pradeep Kumar

TinyOS Installation in Ubuntu 12.04 - IoT Perspective

This post tells you how to install TinyOS installation in Ubuntu 12.04 (I used this old OS as the tinyos 2.0.2 is released earlier and has the full support). However you can try installing in a recent OS also.  But prefer Ubunu with LTS support. 

OS Used: Ubuntu 12.04
Tiny OS Used: Pulled from git (an easier method to do the installation)

Tiny OS
NesC compiler installation 

$] sudo apt-get update
$] sudo apt-get install build-essential autoconf2.64 automake libxmu-dev flex bison emacs gperf
$] git clone git://
$] cd nesc/
$] ./Bootstrap
$] ./configure 
$] make
$] make install (If not working, then try sudo make install)

Tiny OS installation

$] git clone git://
$] cd tinyos-main/tools
$] ./Bootstrap
$] ./configure
$] make
$] sudo make install

 T S Pradeep Kumar

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