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This website is hosted for showcasing the network simulators like ns2, ns3, omnet++ and their supporting tools.

Often I get queries like why are you showcasing only installation instructions of various softwares and not the source codes for various protocols, etc.  Also I used the idea of some other websites and post those codes here in my website.  Here is my justification for these questions

  • NS2, NS3 is open source softwares and only the software is free, but the support is pricey. But i do the support also free (so far). I never charged a single penny for anyone whom i have helped online. 
  • Initially i developed this website for my students to get to know the information related to ns2, Most of the users of the world first try to install ns2 and only then they started practicing. My website will help them in the first step to install, to run simple scripts and progress
  • I used some of the codes given by my students to compile it on a new OS, once I tried that, I try to record it and post it in my blog. (But some third party companies take the code and sell it to students (that's quite normal) and later if they found any errors, they divert to me for any errors or bugs in the program (which I don't like). So I stopped posting the workable source codes of ns2, still most of the codes are freely available in ns2 that were compiled once in a older versions of ns2 (ns 2.1, 2.26, etc)... 
  • But I do help lot of students across the globe through Facebook, Google+ or @tspradeepkumar any social media and I help them in sharing the source codes (what i develop or the codes some others developed and recompiled in latest version of ns2). So I do help the student community outside this blog.
Also I place Google Adverstisements (Adsense codes) to pay for the adwords and to pay the domain hosting and registration charges. Since everything is free,  I place ads to compensate my hosting charges. 

Also if you want to donate through paypal, here is the link
So, I wont stop sharing information to my readers. I feel "Information is Wealth" 


Popular posts from this blog

AWK Scripts for NS2 to process data from Trace Files

AWK Scripts are very good in processing the data from the log (trace files) which we get from NS2. If you want to process the trace file manually, here is the detailHere is a sample of trace file from NS2 (However ns2 supports a new type of trace file also), but this post will make you understand the old trace format only.r 0.030085562 _0_ MAC  --- 0 message 32 [0 ffffffff 1 800] ------- [1:255 -1:255 32 0] r 0.030110562 _0_ RTR  --- 0 message 32 [0 ffffffff 1 800] ------- [1:255 -1:255 32 0] s 1.119926192 _0_ RTR  --- 1 message 32 [0 0 0 0] ------- [0:255 -1:255 32 0]
AWK Scripts are very good in processing the data column wise. For example
the first column in the above trace file represents r, s which indicates receive, sent respectively. If we want to trace the entire r and s alone from this trace file we can represent it as $1
$1 represents ACTION
$2 Time
$3 Node ID
$4 Layer
$5 Flags
$6 seqno
$7 type
$8 Size
$14 Energy (if the network nodes includes EnergyModel)To run the awk script in Li…

nam installation - Segmentation Fault (Solved)

If you are encountering "Segmentation Fault" error while running nam in Ubuntu 14.04 or Linux Mint 17+ editions, this post will be helpful for you.

Download the nam file from this link

First, remove the nam which was installed earlier using the following command 

pradeep@localhost $] sudo apt-get remove nam

and install the new nam which was downloaded just now. go to the folder where the file was downloaded and issue the following command

pradeep@localhost $]  sudo dpkg --install nam_1.15-10_i386.deb

See the screenshot below to install and use nam

 T S Pradeep Kumar

Installation of ns2 in Ubuntu 18.04 - NS2 Tutorial # 2

ns2 installation in Ubuntu 18.04

Unlike earlier version of ubuntu, the 18,04 version does not support the direct installation of ns2, because of the latest C/C++ compiler (7.x), but the latest C/C++ compiler supported by ns2 is gcc-4.8. So this post and video tells you about the installation of gcc-4.8 version, then ns2 and then configuration.
Here are the steps, Please follow the video given below for more information.

$] tar zxvf ns-allinone-2.35.tar.gz

$] sudo apt install gcc-4.8 g++-4.8

if you have installed ubuntu just now, you can try these commands also in the beginning

$] sudo apt update
$] sudo apt install build-essential autoconf automake libxmu-dev

$] cd ns-allinone-2.35/ns-2.35
$] gedit
$] gedit linkstate/ls.h

line number 137, change erase to this->erase
$] cd ..
$] ./install

export PATH=$PATH:/home/pradeepkumar/ns-allinone-2.35/bin:/home/pradeepkumar/ns-allinone-2.35/tcl8.5.10/unix:/home/pradeepkumar/ns-allinone-2.35/tk8.5.10/unix