Introduction to Contiki OS

Introduction to Contiki OS

To install Contiki: Refer this post :

To Refer the Characteristics and comparison of Various OS, refer this Slides:

Operating System fo IoT from T S PRADEEP KUMAR
How to use Contiki OS for Sensor Simulation - A Detailed video is enclosed herewith.
It tells about
Oracle Virtual Box
How to create a Sensor mote using Contiki
How to write a new App in contiki
What are the different windows that categorise? and lot more. Refer this video

T S Pradeep Kumar

About Me

T S Pradeepkumar is a professor from VIT University, holds a Bachelors (Electrical & Electronics)and Masters degree in Embedded system Technologies. Pradeepkumar though from a electrical engineering background, he is interested towards open source technologies and tools for engineering applications and domains.

He authors this blog and currently he is concentrating on open source tools, open source programming and open source technologies like Network Simulator 2, java, moodle, drupal, wordpress, linux, kernel programming, etc.

Initially he started publishing lecture notes for his students on subjects like embedded systems, real time systems, digital electronics, C programming, linux kernel programming, PHP/MySQL.

In future, he is planning to upload video lectures and tutorials for various courses and tools.

Pradeepkumar visited many places in the country (India) for delivering lectures on Network Simulator 2 for Research in wireless technologies. He is currently doing his doctorate in Wireless Sensor Networks.

He can be contacted at : tspembedded at gmail dot com

NS2 Workshops Conducted between 2007 - 2013

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