Installing Kali Linux Tools in Ubuntu or Linux Mint

Kali linux is a debian based and its not easy to configure it on a typical PC. If the machine is UEFI based, then Kali is tough to customize.

So what is the alternative....? Here is the answer: Katoolin

Its the name of the package system for installing the entire kali linux tools (Penetration Testing) in Ubuntu or Debian based system.

Here I am trying to install inside my Linux Mint

OS Used: Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya
Prequisites: Python 2.7
Always perform these steps after the installation of ubuntu or Linux Mint

$] sudo apt update
$] sudo apt install build-essential autoconf automake libxmu-dev
$] sudo apt install git
$] git clone
$] sudo cp katoolin/ /usr/bin/katoolin
$] sudo katoolin

This will give various options as shown below
 In the above pic. Select 2 to View categories and you will get the screen as shown in the next image.
Select "0" to install all the applications.

This will install 1.3G to download and 3.5 GB space will be…

TORA Protocol in NS-2.35 (NS2)

This post tells you how to enable the TORA (Temporally ordered routing Algorithm) protocol in Network Simulator 2 (ns-2.35)

TORA is a protocol in wireless adhoc networks that works with timing parameters. NS-2.35 comes with the TORA protocol by default but it has to be tweaked manually to make it run.
This post will help you to do that.
Three files have to be modified

  • ~ns-2.35/tora/
  • ~ns-2.35/tora/tora.h
  • ~ns-2.35/imep/
There are various websites that tells you how to configure TORA by making changes to the above three files. 
Change 1: tora.h
In the tora.h file, go to the end of the File before the agent completes, include these two lines
PortClassifier *dmux_;

Tora.h Change

Change 2:
Open the and include the following lines in the "int toraAgent::command(int argc, const char*const* argv) " function as indicated in the figure below.
else if (strcmp(argv[1], "port-dmux") == 0) {
                dmux_ = (PortClassifier *)TclObject::lookup(argv[2]);
            if (dmux_ == 0) {
               fprintf (stderr, "%s: %s lookup of %s failed\n", __FILE__, argv[1], argv[2]);
                return TCL_ERROR;
            return TCL_OK;
tora Change

Change 3:
In the file, change the following line 

rexmitTimer.start(rexat - CURRENT_TIME);
if (rexat-CURRENT_TIME<0.000001) // Preventing eternal loop.
rexmitTimer.start(rexat - CURRENT_TIME);

IMEP Change
Once the changes are made, Open the Terminal and go to ~ns-2.35 and execute the command  
prompt$] make 
If you have any problem in implementing the code, download it from here 
Upon compilation, test the TORA protocol using a Tcl file 
Here is the animation screenshot and throughput of the network given in the above link

throughput tora
Throughput of generating packets for TORA
Nam output for TORA protocol

T S Pradeep Kumar

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