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Installing Kali Linux Tools in Ubuntu or Linux Mint

Kali linux is a debian based and its not easy to configure it on a typical PC. If the machine is UEFI based, then Kali is tough to customize.

So what is the alternative....? Here is the answer: Katoolin

Its the name of the package system for installing the entire kali linux tools (Penetration Testing) in Ubuntu or Debian based system.

Here I am trying to install inside my Linux Mint

OS Used: Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya
Prequisites: Python 2.7
Always perform these steps after the installation of ubuntu or Linux Mint

$] sudo apt update
$] sudo apt install build-essential autoconf automake libxmu-dev
$] sudo apt install git
$] git clone
$] sudo cp katoolin/ /usr/bin/katoolin
$] sudo katoolin

This will give various options as shown below
 In the above pic. Select 2 to View categories and you will get the screen as shown in the next image.
Select "0" to install all the applications.

This will install 1.3G to download and 3.5 GB space will be…

Installing ns-2.29 in Ubuntu 12.04

Off late, we try to use(install) a old software in a new Operating System for want of backward compatibility or to survey.  This following post shows you how to install ns-2.29 in Ubuntu 12.04.Unlike other ns2 installations, this installation has so many errors, warnings and patchings. Once everything is overcome, ns installs successfullyStep 1: Download and untar ns-2.29 from this link ( 2: install the necessary dependancy packages using the command "sudo apt-get install build-essential libxmu-dev autoconf automake" (without quotes). This will install the necessary developmental packagesStep 3: Since ns-2.29 is older software, some of the pointer conversion have to be changed inside ns-2.29Step 4: go to terminal, point to the location of ns-allinone-2.29 using the command "cd ~/ns-allinone-2.29/" and type "./install"Step 5: there may be the follow…