Introduction to Contiki OS

Introduction to Contiki OS

To install Contiki: Refer this post :

To Refer the Characteristics and comparison of Various OS, refer this Slides:

Operating System fo IoT from T S PRADEEP KUMAR
How to use Contiki OS for Sensor Simulation - A Detailed video is enclosed herewith.
It tells about
Oracle Virtual Box
How to create a Sensor mote using Contiki
How to write a new App in contiki
What are the different windows that categorise? and lot more. Refer this video

T S Pradeep Kumar

Network Simulator 2 – Workshop at VIT Chennai

VIT Chennai is hosting a two day National Workshop on Network Simulator 2 on 5th and 6th April 2012. Those who engaged in research can attend this workshop. This workshop will give you a hands on session on Network Simulator 2 and the protocol comparisons. Please look at the following brochure and act accordingly



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